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A Little About Me! 

First of all, hello and thank you for even stopping by my little ‘About Me’ corner. ♥ 

   Oh gosh, where to begin! 

Well, my name is Katt, better known as Nystique Arts. I've been a creative since I could remember. Always loving cartoons, comics, fashion and all things stationary. But life somewhere along the way and doubt in myself halted my art journey.



 Till mid 2017, after being married and having two beautiful children, I finally picked up an old sketch book and started sketching things I liked. Which always consisted of the female form and clothing. It was always my first instinct to find beauty in all curves, marks and magic that make us who we are. I always felt alone there till I started watching artist on You Tube who enjoyed and created artwork like I always dreamed. Feeling always inspired by other artists and what I found on Pinterest is how I began my art journey till now. 

It brings me so much joy to be able to create and inspire others or even bring some spark of happiness to their day. I love hearing I can do that for someone and feel like I can make a small difference in someones life with what I create.♥

 At the moment Im happy to have a shop where I can share my art and designs. While also creating illustrations monthly for Art Print & Sticker Clubs on Patreon!

 I take pride in what I do and I am still learning along the way! Itextremely exciting and rewarding to know my journey is no where near its end and so many of you are a part of it!


Dont forget to follow me on Instagram and check out my Patreon! 

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